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“Companies that innovate and take healthcare costs out are going to be rewarded.”

Joseph M. DeVivo

President and Chief Executive Officer,  AngioDynamics

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“We’ll look inside New York, we’ll look outside New York. But we’re all about building a great and talented workforce in Medina.”

Nelson Patterson

Vice President,  Baxter International Inc.

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“With some of the work that’s going on in New York State, this industry has got a lot of new and exciting opportunities over the next three to five years.”

Mike Bovalino

President,  BioSpherix Ltd.

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“The growth potential for medical technologies and life sciences, maybe bioscience in general, is pretty high. It’s often talked about growing between five and 10 percent, year on year, and it’s also fairly steady.”

Richard Eglen

Vice President and General Manager,  Corning Incorporated

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“We’ve got an excellent trained, highly-educated talent pool to draw from and add to our business.”

Ben Harp

Chief Operating Officer,  Polymer Conversions, Inc.

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“In New York State, there is a lot to be proud of and a lot to be excited about. The breadth of companies and technologies and capability that we have in this region is truly impressive.”

Robert Ruppenthal

President,  RTEmd

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“We have set up programs now with the local community colleges to help us educate people in the types of skills we need.”

Verner Anderson

Vice President/General Manager, Labware and Specialty Plastics,  Thermo Fisher Scientific

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“New York State has an educational system second to none. There is an abundance of highly-qualified young people who are energetic, enthusiastic and looking for stimulating opportunities.”

Tony Eisenhut

President,  Rheonix

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“We’re very encouraged by the opportunity to continue to partner with academic institutions to help us with workforce development.”

Scott Gucciardi

Senior Vice President and General Manager, New Healthcare Delivery Solutions,  Welch Allyn

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