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Rheonix, Inc.

Headquarters: Ithaca, NY
Description: Rheonix is a molecular diagnostics company with a broadly applicable technology that has the capability to dramatically reduce the cost of molecular testing while increasing the accuracy and efficiency of testing.
NYS Employees: 53
Revenue: Pre-revenue stage company
Twitter: @RheonixInc

Rheonix EncompassMDxRheonix’s EncompassMDx™ platform is a customizable molecular diagnostic system that operates proprietary CARD® cartridges. The CARD cartridge is a single-use consumable about the size of a credit card that can run several biological samples through a fully integrated molecular analysis – including sample lysis, extraction, purification, amplification and detection – with no user intervention. The CARD automatically manipulates the network of microfluidic pumps, valves and channels. It can handle a broad range of sample types such as fresh tissue, preserved tissue, whole blood, serum, saliva and swabs, and sample sizes can range from five microliters to five milliliters.

The platform’s automation, capability for high throughput and high complexity and unique sample-to-result system allow it to solve workflow inefficiencies within the diagnostic segment of the health care industry. Furthermore, it has the unmatched ability to dramatically decrease the cost of molecular testing, while increasing user efficiency and accuracy. Some of the EncompassMDx’s application examples include infectious disease testing, food safety testing, environmental monitoring and preparing samples for next generation sequencing.

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