Raising the Bar

Cornell University “BEST” Program

cornellThe BEST Program – Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training – is a new initiative underway at Cornell funded through a novel National Institute of Health (NIH) grant program designed to enhance training opportunities for graduate and post-doctoral students. The program acknowledges that most of these individuals will not work in academic tenure-track positions and works with them to understand their options through career pathways, industry experiences, workshops and mentoring.

The program has four tracks: science communication; science policy; governance/risk/compliance; and industry entrepreneurship and management. The program is in “start-up” mode, but already has more than 100 applicants from the life sciences and other scientific disciplines.

BEST is intentionally designed to be flexible to encourage participation. It is very open to trainee-initiated projects, virtual internships, and experiential learning opportunities through case studies, including business and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) training.

For more information visit best.cornell.edu.

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