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TeraPore Technologies, Inc.

Headquarters: Rochester, NY
Description: Spun out of Cornell University in 2013, TeraPore commercializes state-of-the art filters used for protein purification.
NYS Employees: 4
Revenue: Pre-revenue stage company

TeraporeThe manufacturing of therapeutic proteins, or biologics/biopharmaceuticals, is both expensive and time consuming. In particular, the purification of these valuable proteins from complex mixtures accounts for up to 80% of the total costs to manufacture a drug. Despite increasing demand for better purification technologies, existing filters used in purification are structurally limited and continue to suffer from low performance. TeraPore Technologies is using patented materials developed at Cornell University that overcome the structural limitations of traditional filters. “It was important for TeraPore to take root in a city with proximity to Cornell University and ready access to a large and experienced talent pool,” said President and CEO, Rachel Dorin. “Rochester’s rich history in materials innovation is also a significant benefit, allowing us to draw from local university and industry resources to help bring our technology to the market.” TeraPore’s filters self-assemble to form a dense array of uniform holes, simultaneously increasing resolution and permeability, resulting in decreased end-user costs and expanded production capacity.

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