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New York is among the top tier of states in the size of its bioscience industry and the scale and reach of its bioscience research complex.  State firms employ nearly 75,000 in the biosciences. 

New York’s academic institutions conducted $3.5 billion in bioscience academic R&D in 2012. State institutions, both academic and non-academic, have received $1.9 billion in funding from the National Institutes of Health in 2013 alone.  New York inventors were issued nearly 6,400 patents from 2009 through 2013 in bioscience-related technologies. In each of these key metrics of the scale and innovative nature of the biosciences, New York is among the top 10 states based on recent analysis conducted by Battelle and BIO.1

Since 2001, New York has grown its bioscience industry employment by 1.1 percent led by strong gains in its largest industry subsector – research, testing, and medical labs.  These job gains were largely offset, however, by job losses in the other three major subsectors including double-digit job losses in medical devices and equipment (down 10 percent).  In recent years, these trends have continued with research and testing posting strong job gains since 2007 (up nearly 17 percent) while medical devices and drugs and pharmaceuticals have shed jobs, declining by 14 percent and nine percent, respectively.  

The state is not considered to be highly concentrated in the biosciences relative to the national average with a location quotient (LQ) of 0.75 overall, where 1.0 means the industry meets the national average concentration relative to its private sector.2 The most highly concentrated industry subsector in the state is drugs and pharmaceuticals with a concentration that is eight percent greater than that seen nationally (LQ is 1.08).  

Upstate New York has a large and diverse bioscience industry base. Regional bioscience companies employed 28,591 in 2012 across 873 individual business establishments. These jobs and establishments are well distributed across the four major subsectors with employment levels ranging from 4,805 in bioscience-related distribution to nearly 10,000 jobs in research, testing, and medical labs. The region’s bioscience industry meets the national average in its employment concentration relative to the size of its overall private sector – its LQ is 0.97.

To relate the size of the industry in Upstate New York – the region’s more than 28,000 jobs make it large enough that if the region were a state, it would have the 18th largest bioscience industry in the U.S. Taken all together, in 2012 the Upstate New York bioscience industry contributed $20.2 billion in total economic output to the state (includes direct, indirect and induced impacts), supported more than 77,000 jobs with workers earning $5.0 billion in personal income, accounting for 3.6 percent of all Upstate New York private sector employment in 2012.

1Battelle/BIO State Bioscience Jobs, Investments and Innovation 2014.
2Regional location quotients (LQs) measure the degree of job concentration within the region relative to the nation. A region with a LQ greater than 1.0 is said to have a concentration in this sector. When the LQ is significantly above average, 1.20 or greater, the region is said to have a “specialization” in the sector.


The region’s more than 28,000 jobs make it large enough that if the region were a state, it would have the 18th largest bioscience industry in the U.S. 

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